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Yes, black people talk about climate change


Last week in the Root, an African American news outlet that’s part of the Slate Group, Charles Ellison asked where the political conversation around climate change was among African Americans. “President Barack Obama might be the only black person on the planet who cares about climate change,” he wrote.

Tracie Powell at All Digitocracy opened the conversation wider yesterday by placing some of the blame on outlets like the Root: “[A] reason for the relative silence is that hardly any news organizations, local or otherwise, are reporting on how climate change is specifically impacting ethnic communities; ethnic news media aren’t making the connections either.”

I’ve worked at a number of outlets — black, “white,” and otherwise — so I have a few observations here.

First, I’m not sure why black people and the media that serve them are picked on as if they are uniquely ill-informed on the topic. Why…

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Join Our Free Lightroom Hangout: Print Module UnPlugged

Photofocus (old site)

You may have noticed that there’s more to Lightroom than the Library and Develop Modules–there’s also a Print Module, and it’s incredibly awesome. Whether you want to print single pictures, multiple bundles, or specialized outputs… its all here.

To help bring it to life we’ve invited a true expert, Kevin Ames. He is a pro photographer,  Photofocus contributor, and Photoshop World speaker.  He’ll help us reveal the secret powers of the Print Module.  You’ll find that it’s really great for much more than making prints.

Regular hosts, Rob Sylvan, Gerard Murphy, and Levi Sim will also share their favorite tips.

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Tune in live to ask questions and enter the drawings for some terrific prizes. Our hangouts are brought to you in partnership with Mosaic Archive and Photoshop World.

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Random Thoughts

Why is it that whenever you start to write there is always somebody who has to start talking to you non-stop. It doesn’t matter that you don’t look at them and only nod your head. You hope maybe they would get the hint and say “Oh, I’m sorry, you look busy. I’ll come back later.” Nope . . . Doesn’t happen like that. Sigh